Helpers of the Holy Souls

Under the guidance and direction of Deacon Mattie Henry, the Helpers of the Holy Souls is a growing group of parishioners whose mission is to pray, fast and offer sacrifices for the dying and in particular for the holy souls in purgatory - ‘The Faithful on earth praying for the Holy Souls in purgatory so that they become Saints in heaven.’ It has been such a powerful and compassionate experience for many that its membership has even flourished beyond St. Mary’s.

A recent comment to all members: ‘God bless you all, we are so blessed to have such a caring and prayerful group.’

The Helpers have a prayer hour every first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm in front of Our Lady’s statue in the main church. For more information please contact Maryanna Ryan ([email protected] - 617-512-9960) or Kristen Gotter ([email protected] - 781-545-7537) .