March 11, 2018

It is with a great relief that I am able to write this week’s pastor’s corner after the devastation left behind from Winter Storm Riley, which packed quite a punch. Even now I know there are sections of Norwell and Scituate that are without power. One could not help being awed by the power of nature – the wind, the rain and the storm surge – that wreaked such havoc.

As bad as the storm was we have much to be thankful for, especially for the advanced notice of the storm and the preparation done by our town officials to help mitigate the damage. Thankfully the storm was rain and not snow and we did not experience frigid temperatures, although it was cold after a couple of days with no heat. The community itself, as always, pulled together to help one another and to make sure everyone was all right, especially the elderly and those who live alone. The Police and Fire Departments ensuring our safety, along with the civil service and the utility workers who worked hard and long hours to clean up our streets and to repair our electrical and telephone lines. Without these basic necessities we realize how blessed we are to have these utilities up and running on a daily basis. Many parts of the world are not so fortunate and one thinks of Puerto Rico and the islands of the Caribbean and especially Haiti that continue to struggle to get back to normal after the severe hurricanes that hit them this fall.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers but especially in this time of recovery. The Lord is watching over us and will give us the help and grace we need as we strive to return to normal. In the midst of everything it is always good to count our blessings and to thank God for the blessing bestowed upon us.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Cannon

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