September 3, 2017

Thanks to your generous response to our Centennial Campaign, we have received approval from the Archdiocese to go forward with our HVAC upgrade in the church and we have been approved for a bridge loan to back any construction loan that may be necessary. Our goal is to minimize any loan required by continuing to receive your pledge donations.

Last week we met with representatives from P.J. Kennedy & Sons, who will replace the boiler and convert our present heating system to one that will do both heating and cooling. They plan to begin work in the church at the beginning of October. Since we will be getting into the heating system, they will be laying in piping and the wiring and all those things that can be done without effecting the existing heating system. They will resume work in the spring and have the new system up and running by next summer allowing us to air-condition the church. Most of this work will take place underneath the church so you will not notice anything different with the exception of piping and other materials delivered to the church.

Thank you all once again for your generous response to this project. I will keep you abreast of this work as best I can.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Cannon

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