September 10, 2017

This fall St. Mary’s will be offering a “Light of the World” retreat to deepen our personal experience of the love of God. “It is the vision of Light of the World Evangelization Ministries (LOTWEM) to help all people have a living encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Through the LOTW Process, LOTWEM wishes to empower parishes to reach out to all people, from the new faith seeker to the most faith-filled disciple, and assist them in becoming active servants of God. In spreading the LOTW process and its supporting materials, LOTWEM wishes to ensure that the process will remain forever faithful to the Gospel message and the orthodox teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.”

This retreat will not be a catechetical retreat but one based on the kerygma, that is the Gospel message of salvation made available to us through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The retreat will be held in the parish the weekend of November 10th and 11th . Please see the Light of the World website that describes the retreat based on the experience of parishioners who have participated in the LOTW process. Their website is: (

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Cannon

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